Are you noticing holes in leaves or something chomping on your Hosta’s. It seems we are always fighting one bug or another in our garden and landscape. The fight of the “bad bug” is often met with chemicals or organic remedies that may or may not be effective.
In comes nature… that had all of this figured out before we ever arrived on the scene. Good bugs, nature’s way of keeping the bad bugs in line.

These hard working insects are natural enemies to garden pests. Pesticides work on “bad bugs” but they also play havoc on the “good bugs.” With that scenario, you could easily end up with a problem worse than what you had to begin with. By making sure your lawn and garden is full of beneficial insects you not only allow the natural progression of nature but you also help the environment by keeping chemicals away from foods, children, dogs and yourself.
So how do you make sure you have the good guys in your yard? Try to use organic products as much as possible. This will help the beneficial insects to thrive and multiply. Local garden centers can also help by providing “good guys” to purchase and introduce into your yard.
Lady Bugs, Beneficial Nematodes, Praying Mantis, Trichogramma Wasps and more can be found for purchase.
Let nature do its thing… Unleash those good bugs!