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Choosing The Right Pots Is Vital To Healthy Containter Gardening

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At Brumley Gardens we believe that good pottery is an essential part of healthy container gardening. We search for high quality Italian and Vietnamese pottery, paying particular attention to the thickness of the glaze and the weight of the pot. Heavier pottery indicates a better quality of clay. A thick glaze protects the pot from moisture and prevents contacting and expanding during freeze and heat, keeping your pot from flaking and chipping, and ultimately protecting the roots of your plants. Our pottery will not flake, chip or crack due to weather conditions and can last up to 10+ years. We are known for pottery with unique designs and colors, and our loyal customers stop by frequently to see our new finds. Experienced gardeners will tell you that the quality of pottery can mean a lot to the longevity of plants. Your pot is the foundation of your plants home, much like a quality foundation is vital for a well-built house. You can trust that your plant will thrive in our pots when used in conjunction with quality planting soil.

Xeriscapes-Beautiful Landscapes That Conserve Water


With our recent years of drought, it may seem that having a lush beautiful landscape is too much to expect. Don’t dismay. In recent years read more →

Outdoor Living Space With Potted Plants


Over the past few years, outdoor spaces have grown into outdoor retreats. Great care is taken to pick the right seating and dining to match the welcoming style the homeowner desires. When creating these spaces, choosing the right pots, plants and garden décor to accessorize your outdoor retreat is equally important as choosing the right seating and dining. Whether your style is tropical, southwestern, traditional or contemporary you will want to take as much care in selecting the accessories as you did in choosing your seating and dining.

One way to add impact to your outdoor décor is with potted containers. Pots come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles and add softness to the area. Large pots can help to create style by planting trees and shrubs providing shade or privacy. Medium and small pots can give the area bursts of color and texture. It is important to remember several points when placing containers inyour outdoor area. Choose containers that complement the style and color of
the area you are accessorizing. Plastic containers in highly stylized seating and dining areas will lose impact. Choose qualities that work specifically with the plant material you are using. Some containers are more porous than others which mean they dry out faster. Make sure your plant material is compatible with your container. Consider shape and size not only for your plants, trees or shrubs that you will be planting but your décor as well. Look for containers which will create style and impact in the space you are creating. Good places to get ideas are design magazines and websites such as Houzz and Pinterest. Note how the containers are used to not only accessorize but to function within the space
Choose plant material in the same manner you choose containers. Think about the décor style and
brumleyg3how you want the plants to function. Will they be creating shade, color, or privacy? Is your area more suitable to a southwestern look with succulents or is it more traditional with lots of color and more traditional plants and flowers. Maybe it is more contemporary where greenery would be a consideration. It is also important to be aware of sun vs. shade areas as well as time needed to care for your container décor. A landscape designer or local garden center can help you with making all of these decisions.
Investing in nature with potted containers in your outdoor living space is the final touch to a completed look you will love and enjoy for years to come

Chill Out With Tulips and Daffodils


Bulbs are here at Brumley Gardens and we have a great selection to choose from. We carry many varieties tested by the Dallas Arboretum that have been proven performers.

Chilling is necessary here in Dallas to create the cold temperatures that tulips and daffodils need to bloom. Put them in your refrigerator in a mesh or paper bag…keep them away from apples or other ripening fruit which emit gas proving harmful to the bloom. It is best to chill 10-12 weeks so it is the perfect time to buy them while the selection is still good.

When is the best time to plant bulbs? Tulips and hyacinth should be planted between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Daffodils can be planted as the temperatures start cooling off.

Daffodils are wonderful bulbs that really do well in Dallas gardens and they return to the garden every year. Daffodils can be planted from October until March and perform very well in shady spots that need that burst of early spring color. Tulips are better treated as an annual here in North Texas.

Brumley Gardens has a wonderful selection of Tulips, Daffodils, Paperwhites and Amaryllis Bulbs for garden planting and gift giving ideas. We also carry blood meal and bone meal which are wonderful soil additives to use when planting bulbs in the garden.

Join us next week to learn how to force Paperwhites and Amaryllis bulbs for your holiday decorating and gift giving.

10 Garden Tips To Do Now To Prepare For Spring

  • 1. Plant bulbs now
  • 2. Prune major trees or call a professional service.
  • 3. Till garden soil during cold afternoons to control over-wintering insects and perennial weeds
  • 4. This is the best time to plant trees, shrubs and roses
  • 5. Water and mulch to prepare for upcoming freezing weather. (Sunday and Monday of next week temperatures are expected to drop into the teens).
  • 6. Fertilize with liquid and/or organic fertilizers
  • 7. Check houseplants for Mealy Bugs, Spider Mites, Scale. Wash leaves with non-detergent soap or use Alcohol Spray.
  • 8. Prepare beds with compost and nutrients. By doing this during now, your beds will be much healthier when Spring planting arrives.
  • 9. Think about new gardens or changes. Look at designs in magazines and on line for ideas. Estimate budget. If a professional is needed, call now for a consultation before their schedule gets busy.
  • 10. Feed the birds! During the winter months, they appreciate a little help.

January- A Gardeners Planning Month


It is cold outside; a great time to hibernate It is also the perfect time to rest, read and plan for spring. Visualize your garden or make a sketch on paper. List the attributes of your space and what you would like to achieve. Perhaps it is a shady area that needs attention or a sunny area that could benefit from xeriscaping. Have you been thinking about a stone pathway or a water feature? This is the perfect time to dream, plan and evaluate. If your project will require the services of a landscaper, now is the time to contact them. This is when these companies have time to visit with you, provide design and estimates and schedule your project in a timely manner. The closer it gets to warmer months, the busier their schedules are. Make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy your new garden or landscape project. Here are a few more tips landscape preparation:Landscape2
1. Major tree trimming
2. Fertilize Rye and Fescue grasses
3. Prune Bush Roses, Summer Blooming Shrubs, Grapevines, Ornamental Grasses, Liriope and Monkey Grass
4. Dormant Oils for Scale
5. Prepare beds for spring planting with compost and nutrients

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