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Water Wise With Watering Restrictions

Most area municipalities are at either Stage 2 or Stage 3 watering restrictions. If mid-summer continues with no rain, most will be moving to Stage 3, and in some areas Stage 4.

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Beneficial Insects- The Good Bugs


Are you noticing holes in leaves or something chomping on your Hosta’s. It seems we are always fighting one bug or another in our garden and landscape. The fight of the “bad bug” read more →

Attract Butterflies To Make You and the Environment Happy


Take a walk around your yard, have you noticed any butterflies lately? If not, it’s time to consider how you can make that happen. read more →

Viola-Tough Petite Cousins of Pansies


Violas-petite cousins of the modern pansy that are tougher in the face of cold and heat. No garden should be without them-they just put a smile on your face.

Cold tolerant plants perfect for containers, beds, borders…wonderful to mix with spring flowering bulbs. Space violas 6-8 inches apart when planting. Violas have been known to self-seed in the garden. The blooms are edible and used in food preparation and as a beautiful garnish. Brumley Gardens recommends using a blood/bone meal mixture when planting violas and pansies. Snails and slugs love to eat violas in the landscape so control them by applying snail and slug bait every two weeks. Your violas will bloom all winter long and blooms will often last until the end of March.
Get out there and buy some colorful, cool weather violas for your gardens. Brumley Gardens has grown our own violas and pansies-they are so beautiful and here are a few of the varieties we have in stock now…Viola Penny Azure Dawn, Viola Penny Azure Twilight, Beaconsfield, Viola Penny Blue, Yellow Johnny Jump Ups, Viola Sorbet Mixed, Viola Sorbet Purple, Viola Sorbet Orange, Viola Sorbet Purple Face, Viola Sorbet Orchid Rose, Viola Sorbet White…just to name a few.

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