Bulbs are here at Brumley Gardens and we have a great selection to choose from. We carry many varieties tested by the Dallas Arboretum that have been proven performers.

Chilling is necessary here in Dallas to create the cold temperatures that tulips and daffodils need to bloom. Put them in your refrigerator in a mesh or paper bag…keep them away from apples or other ripening fruit which emit gas proving harmful to the bloom. It is best to chill 10-12 weeks so it is the perfect time to buy them while the selection is still good.

When is the best time to plant bulbs? Tulips and hyacinth should be planted between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Daffodils can be planted as the temperatures start cooling off.

Daffodils are wonderful bulbs that really do well in Dallas gardens and they return to the garden every year. Daffodils can be planted from October until March and perform very well in shady spots that need that burst of early spring color. Tulips are better treated as an annual here in North Texas.

Brumley Gardens has a wonderful selection of Tulips, Daffodils, Paperwhites and Amaryllis Bulbs for garden planting and gift giving ideas. We also carry blood meal and bone meal which are wonderful soil additives to use when planting bulbs in the garden.

Join us next week to learn how to force Paperwhites and Amaryllis bulbs for your holiday decorating and gift giving.