At Brumley Gardens we believe that good pottery is an essential part of healthy container gardening. We search for high quality Italian and Vietnamese pottery, paying particular attention to the thickness of the glaze and the weight of the pot. Heavier pottery indicates a better quality of clay. A thick glaze protects the pot from moisture and prevents contacting and expanding during freeze and heat, keeping your pot from flaking and chipping, and ultimately protecting the roots of your plants. Our pottery will not flake, chip or crack due to weather conditions and can last up to 10+ years. We are known for pottery with unique designs and colors, and our loyal customers stop by frequently to see our new finds. Experienced gardeners will tell you that the quality of pottery can mean a lot to the longevity of plants. Your pot is the foundation of your plants home, much like a quality foundation is vital for a well-built house. You can trust that your plant will thrive in our pots when used in conjunction with quality planting soil.