If you are looking for a spot in your landscape that is full sun and has good drainage, think hardy Hibiscus.  Easy growing with big showy blooms that can be the size of a plate. Available in a varieties of colors, these beauties bloom late and last into Fall.  Actual blooms only last a couple of days, but just as they die away a new round begins.

Several varieties of perennial hibiscus are very happy in the North Texas Climate.

Rose Mallow is known for the amazing size blooms giving color from June to frost.  It is a fast growing shrub with  that can grow 4 to 8ft tall in a single season. Flowers only last a day but they are prolific in blooming.

Lord Baltimore is one of the early hybrids but is a favorite among gardeners. Blooms can be up to 10 inches across that can cover a plant that is no more than 5ft.  They are also favored for their attraction of butterflies and hummingbirds.

Texas Star is rapidly becoming another favorite. This long slender hardy hibiscus attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. It likes wet areas and is perfect around ponds or in back or the middle of beds where its big blooms can peek out around other plantings. Texas Star can grow 4-7ft tall and 2-3ft wide.

Fill a sunny area with any of these favorite hardy perennial hibiscus. You will be filled with joy at the dramatic color it will bring to your landscape.