It is cold outside; a great time to hibernate It is also the perfect time to rest, read and plan for spring. Visualize your garden or make a sketch on paper. List the attributes of your space and what you would like to achieve. Perhaps it is a shady area that needs attention or a sunny area that could benefit from xeriscaping. Have you been thinking about a stone pathway or a water feature? This is the perfect time to dream, plan and evaluate. If your project will require the services of a landscaper, now is the time to contact them. This is when these companies have time to visit with you, provide design and estimates and schedule your project in a timely manner. The closer it gets to warmer months, the busier their schedules are. Make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy your new garden or landscape project. Here are a few more tips landscape preparation:Landscape2
1. Major tree trimming
2. Fertilize Rye and Fescue grasses
3. Prune Bush Roses, Summer Blooming Shrubs, Grapevines, Ornamental Grasses, Liriope and Monkey Grass
4. Dormant Oils for Scale
5. Prepare beds for spring planting with compost and nutrients