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Returning Every Year with Color & Texture

Perennials add structure and stability to our garden, returning every year with color and texture. Perennials are defined as plants that live longer than two years, but many will live for decades. In the dark cold winter months, perennials retreat only to reemerge each spring, growing in size and stature until they reach their full maturity. Perennials typically provide color and growth in North Texas most of the year, with the exception of August, December and January. Pair with annuals, trees and shrubs to complete the color palette and design of a beautiful garden. Perennials are also excellent for container gardening. A few popular perennials are Violets, Day Lilies, and Columbine.

There are advantages beyond their yearly return, but perennials do require extra care. Perennials are hardy, don’t require much water, and have few bug problems, but they have to be divided, pruned, cut back and fertilized. They also need to be planted in a well drained area or container.

Our landscape crews are available to assist you with the management and maintenance of a healthy perennial garden. Our knowledgeable garden center staff is available to answer your questions regarding the care of perennials.

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